Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Group 6 - 30/05/12

Rebecca - Programmer
Monique - Builder
Kirsti - Documenter

Goal for the lesson: Our goal for today's lesson was to complete our program of the robot to speak and use the sensors.

Which goals were not achieved: Some of the sensors that we programmed didn't work properly.

In today's lesson we managed to program our robot to move when instructed. We also were able to make the robot show us sentences and pictures on his screen. At some points we were able to improve our robots movement, when we were finally understanding how to use the NXT software. 

Activities: 1. We programmed the robot to stop at least 20cm using the distance sensor and we programmed the robot to stop and park itself .Our robot was also programmed to use the point sensor to turn. Our robot also did the curve turn activity. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


GROUP 6 - 16/05/12

Rebecca - Flowcharter
Kirsti - Builder
Monique - Programmer

Goal for the lesson: to complete building the robot, attach sensors and start programming.

Which goals were not achieved: Attaching the rest of the sensors.

Progress: Today we completed building our robot. We attached the sound, light and distance sensors to our robot. We were able to test the programming by making the robot move- It was able to move forward. We played around with the NXT software and successfully programmed the robot to say phrases such as 'good morning'